We are a renewable energy developer focussed on decarbonisation and sustainability. We want to make cities and communities greener, more resilient and more sustainable places to live and work.We are working with Governments, the Public Sector and the Private Sector to drive change and support the drive to a Net Zero carbon future for all.

The need for change is now.A cleaner, greener future is achievable.Innovative technologies and techniques are key. Welcome to Bluestone Energy.

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Energy Developer

Front of the meter (FTM) and behind the meter (BTM) solar PV, battery storage, onshore wind and EV infrastructure

Grid Specialists

Grid connection applications and subsequent HV associated works, which enables fully engineered solutions for all technology types

Funding Partner

Competitive private sector funding which is key to delivering our 2050 net zero targets

Energy Consultation

Helping to identify risks and challenges to move seamlessly from pre-planning to full planning and financial close

About Us
Bluestone Energy is a niche renewable technology developer, based in the UK with global reach. Electricity grid specialists, energy specialists, land specialists and renewable technology specialists make up our talent pool, all dedicated to supporting the global target of net zero carbon and creating a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world for people to exist. Bluestone Energy have built an enviable business - leveraging key relationships with Governments, Airports, Water Utilities, NHS, Local Authorities and making sure we have commercially viable propositions that serve our clients, deliver on our promises and support the delivery of their targets. We have an enviable pipeline (over 15GW) of opportunity spanning our core offerings of Solar PV, Battery Storage, On Shore Wind and EV Infrastructure. We have also partnered with Thermify to market their HeatHub solution which is revolutionary and will greatly benefit those less fortunate families who are in fuel poverty and choosing between heating and eating.

Project Sapphire

Project Sapphire will support the Scottish Government and local authorities in the decarbonisation of Greater Glasgow, bringing lower energy costs and carbon savings to both businesses and residents through a range of renewable technologies and innovative techniques.

Find out more about Project Sapphire here.
"The need for change is here, and we at Bluestone have the ambition to make that change."
Andy MacPherson, Managing Director Bluestone Energy

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