Project Sapphire

Every city in the UK has an enormous task ahead of them to achieve net zero carbon and we see Project Sapphire as an extremely positive step in helping the City of Glasgow to achieve its own net zero carbon target of 2030.

Project Sapphire is an opportunity to showcase the City of Glasgow and the steps being taken, working with businesses and residents to make Glasgow a greener, more sustainable place for people to work and live.

Project Sapphire will support the decarbonisation of Glasgow and the surrounding areas bringing lower energy costs and carbon savings to both businesses and residents through a range of renewable technologies including solar PV, battery storage, on shore wind and heat related schemes.

Glasgow has an extremely constrained 11Kv network, Sapphire will provide energy generation sleeved directly to customers through a new 11Kv private network creating resilience of supply, future proofing the electricity network and taking pressure off the national grid allowing councils, including Glasgow to continue to build much needed additional housing without the need for expensive upgrades to national infrastructure. Battery storage will be used to support the national grid whilst also allowing businesses to take additional power at peak times meaning less brown outs and black outs across the city. This scheme will also deliver long term income benefits to Glasgow City Council for the use of their land holdings to house the technologies used whilst supporting the city’s drive to net zero carbon.

Sapphire also aims to support the local residents of Glasgow, in a number of innovative ways, with one of the key drivers being to assist in the eradication of fuel poverty. This is very high on Scotland’s sustainability agenda and the project will make a huge difference to the people of Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

We will eradicate fuel poverty for many by providing clean affordable heat for the home, while bringing a green alternative to cloud computing. HeatHubs are modular mini data centres located in homes, replacing the boiler with a similar sized unit and using excess heat from cloud compute processing tasks. When heat is needed, Thermify dispatches processing jobs to the HeatHub, where heat is produced as the data is processed, creating hot water and heating. This fundamentally changes the heat pricing model to the home: distributed processing is paid for by the cloud compute customer, and the home is provided heat at nominal/low cost.

There is also the added benefit of utilising local installation companies and training local people to work on the schemes. These renewable technology systems, will be delivered by local people who are trained to install and manage these systems over the long term, creating a clear and sustainable regeneration master plan for Glasgow City Council.

Sapphire has brought together businesses including utilities, NHS, education and commercial entities to unite in making Glasgow a leader in sustainability and carbon reduction. The project will alleviate the need to disrupt the City of Glasgow, its residents and its businesses by adopting existing infrastructure to lay the cables required from the solar farms, wind farms and battery storage units to sub stations, residents and businesses throughout the city.