Bluestone Energy at COP26

Speaking to world leaders is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I grabbed it with both hands and delivered my speech to a round of applause – not a bad outcome given the task that lies ahead of them and the tough decisions they all must make to save our planet.   It’s now […]

Bluestone Energy pre-COP26

It’s here – COP26 has arrived in Glasgow and we at Bluestone Energy are excited to play a part at the largest global net zero event ever held.   Glasgow is buzzing, the hotels are full, carparks are jam packed, restaurants tills are overflowing and the world has descended on this great city.   It’s […]

The formation of Bluestone Energy

Bluestone Energy came off the back of a long-standing friendship between Joe and David. Although they had no idea what either of them did for a living, the opportunity to bring Bluestone to life presented itself during a summer garden party.   Joe was involved in a ninety two home planning application on his land […]

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