Speaking to world leaders is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I grabbed it with both hands and delivered my speech to a round of applause – not a bad outcome given the task that lies ahead of them and the tough decisions they all must make to save our planet.


It’s now left to chief negotiators to develop and deliver strategic plans that will create security for all.

I went into the Blue Zone with limited expectations, we’ve all been to enough conferences and exhibitions to know it’s generally all about brand enhancement…but this felt very different. The smiles were aplenty but the atmosphere felt like one of intent, purpose and determination to ‘get on with it’ and deliver news and strategies that actually mean something to all of us.


Prince Charles, Sir David Attenborough and the like gave speeches that resonated with everybody in the room and those watching through live streaming, points made that brought home the enormity of the task ahead and how collaboration and togetherness might just deliver the 2050 target.


No shows from China, Russia and Saudi Arabia dampened the mood slightly but they seemed very quickly forgotten as the remaining G7 countries set about bringing everyone to order and stating their own intent.


I left the Blue Zone feeling optimistic about the future…governments are ultimately responsible but so are we…localised decision making, for me, will make or break our net zero carbon ambitions. Local authorities have to ‘get on board’ and support this almighty transition and if that happens then we can do this, we can create a safer planet, a more sustainable place for people to live and work, a greener future for ourselves and for generations to come.


It’s up to us now!


Andy MacPherson
3rd November 2021