It’s here – COP26 has arrived in Glasgow and we at Bluestone Energy are excited to play a part at the largest global net zero event ever held.


Glasgow is buzzing, the hotels are full, carparks are jam packed, restaurants tills are overflowing and the world has descended on this great city.


It’s complicated though, world leaders jostling for position, some are attending, others have buried their heads but the fact still remains that every country has an obligation to deliver and rising Co2 is not going to disappear – it’s not a target anymore, it’s an absolute must!


Getting 140 world leaders in the same country let alone the same room is no small feat and the UK must be commended on that achievement. I’m excited to see what is actually discussed, who drops a clanger first and which leaders strategies are torn to shreds by our very expectant press – don’t bring a bit of coal to COP26 Scott Morrison…please!


I am giving 3 talks at various COP venues, an opening talk on day 2 to set the scene for the day, a talk showcasing our very own Project Sapphire and then a panel discussion around clean, green energy and what the best funding options are. I’m excited to be a part of this amazing event.


I keep asking myself…what are my expectations of COP26.

We have the tools and innovation to deliver, we have the technology, we have the people to execute – but what we need world leaders to agree to is an insatiable appetite to create a cleaner, greener more sustainable environment for our people, our businesses, our countries and ultimately our planet.


Without this commitment I’m not sure COP26 can be seen as successful…can it?


We have seen some incredible attacks on our environment in recent years;

California wild fires

New Orleans devastation

50 degree plus temperatures in Australia

-60 degree temperatures in Canada

Erupting Volcanos

Lowest rainfall in a decade in the UK and Europe

Food deprivation and widespread malnutrition in Africa and 3rd world countries at unprecedented levels;

And wild life distinction at an all-time high and rising to uncontrollable levels.


Gas prices have and will continue to rise exponentially, electricity is going the same way.

This will push millions more people into the fuel poverty bracket.

People are already choosing between heating and eating and this is the 21st Century.


We have talked about change for far too long…This is Our Planet, This is Our Lifetime, This is Our Time to Deliver!


Come on COP26 – let’s make this the event that lights the way to all of our futures!