Bluestone Energy came off the back of a long-standing friendship between Joe and David. Although they had no idea what either of them did for a living, the opportunity to bring Bluestone to life presented itself during a summer garden party.


Joe was involved in a ninety two home planning application on his land when David ( who was performing a few opera pieces with Laura ) noticed the plans .


Due to the close proximity of the water utility and the grid opportunity , David suggested that the remaining seventy three acres would be a perfect opportunity.


Very quickly Joe suggested they form Bluestone Energy, and David very quickly realised that Laura wasn’t only a singing partner ! The rest ( as they say ) is history.


David had a wealth of experience in the renewable industry and above all had developed a software tool that would transform what was then a G59 grid application ( now a G99 ).


The arduous task of filling out a G99 grid application by an engineer, was to become a thing of the past. It took David approximately three years to develop it, and now reduces the application to under ten seconds !


We very quickly realised that the creaking grid, and the ever decreasing availability of firm connections was something we could not ignore.

We decided to get into as many land and grid opportunities as quickly as we could, before lining up anything else.

We heard a great deal from others about pipelines and soon discovered that they were more like pipe dreams !


To date we have an enormous pipeline of solar pv , battery and wind , but above all we have a project that we have named Sapphire!


Project Sapphire is a multi faceted opportunity that encompasses Scotland. We have formed a very strong relationship with Scottish Water and due to their extensive network and standing, we have been able to spread to many strong off takers and provide long term PPA opportunities. We have engaged with first minister Nicola Sturgeon , and minister for Energy and Transport Michael Matherson , and have huge support from them. Head of sustainability, ( Gavin Slater, Glasgow Council ) has also been an incredible advocate for project Sapphire.


We are very proud of our achievements, and all accomplished in under three years.